1st Collection 

Dining Rituals 

As the plates are set on the table the ritual of a memorable dining experience begins.



Stelios Demetriou

This collection is designed to make mealtimes more meaningful and special.

We find balance between modern forms and earthy hues by creating a series that reminds us to slow down and enjoy every moment at home through simplicity and intimacy.


Inspired by the intangible comforts we find in our home, like the smell of a freshly baked cake, the warmth of our favourite blanket, the softness of linen. We recreate these senses by introducing functional ceramic art pieces into our every day. With a clean and elegant character, each piece represents the individuality that comes from its hand-made nature. Dining Rituals was made for homes where ceramics are important. It is a series that goes beyond ceramic textures, with the granular aesthetic and silky touch it brings pure comfort to your dining experience.

This collection features a full dining set, bowls, salt and pepper cellar, serving platters, serving pots, and espresso cups. Each piece is hand-thrown, fired & glazed in Cyprus.

Ceramic Plates
Ramen Bowl
Handmade Platters
Salt and Pepper Cellar
Ceramic Fruit Bowl